Online Marketing

Email Marketing & Newsletter

We offers a web-based user interface which works with all major browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. Escape Byte is mainly written in Java (Frontend) and Python (Backend) and employs leading edge Java frameworks like Hibernate, Spring and Struts. Some performance-sensitive code is written in C.

We runs on top of a well proven open source software stack:

  • Operating system: Linux (or Windows, although no open source)
  • Web container: Tomcat
  • Relational database management system: MySQL

This software is quite easy to install and extensively documented. If you are interested in commercial services like setup support, a service contract, hosting and administration or development, please have a look at the list of commercial services for software.

Escape Byte is positioned at the intersection of E-Commerce, CRM, CMS, BI and ERP, because companies

  • use e-mail promotions to sell products (E-Commerce)
  • use e-mail marketing to manage their customer relations (CRM)
  • use e-mail newsletters to distribute content from various sources (CMS)
  • use e-mail openings and clicks to collect data about recipients and to analyze them (BI)
  • use transaction e-mails to send invoices, reminders and credit notes (ERP)

ON Virtual Private Server
Hard Drive : 80 GB SATA
RAM : 2 GB DDR - 2
IP's : 1 Dedicated IP's
Bandwidth : 150 GB

INR 4,000 per month
INR 10,000 quaterly
INR 21,000 Half Yearly
INR 36,000 Yearly