Java Hosting

Java Hosting

Java Hosting with Secured, Dedicated Private JVM
Our Java hosting solutions enables enterprise level Private JVM Java Hosting for low cost. This Java Hosting allows you to install and configure just about any standard java Application. At the same time it allow you to restart the Runtime (JAVA JVM) or your application server instance at anytime.
Why Dedicated JVM Hosting?
Most java hosting provider offers only Shared JVM which only allow you to upload a WAR, jsp, or Servlet.In that case you would need to customize your JAVA Application to comply with the shared JVM environment.

Often times there are class and version conflicts in such an environment. In addition there is an inherent security risk with a shared JVM, as you are sharing the same JVM with other user applications. Our java solution solves this limitation with shared JAVA Hosting by enabling you to run a separate private JVM.

It means with our java hosting solutions you will enjoy the scalability / flexibility of your application server & tomcat container. Complete access to your Tomcat container or private JVM and ability to start and stop your Tomcat container or private JVM when needed, also you can scaleup or upgrade the heap memory size of your JVM when needed.

INR 9000/yr


  • 1 GB Raid Protected Space
  • 10 GB Traffic Per Month
  • 100 Email Accounts
  • 2 My SQL Databases
  • 32 MB Dedicated JVM RAM

INR 16000/yr


  • 5 GB Raid Protected Space
  • 30 GB Traffic Per Month
  • 100 Email Accounts
  • 5 My SQL Databases
  • 64 MB Dedicated JVM RAM

INR 30000/yr


  • 10 GB Raid Protected Space
  • 50 GB Traffic Per Month
  • 150 Email Accounts
  • 10 My SQL Databases
  • 128 MB Dedicated JVM RAM