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eCommerce Website is a "simple-to-use" yet very effective way to promote and sell your products and services. By using eCommerce Websites and the power of the internet, eCommerce Website can improve the way you do business while saving money on expensive printing costs. Imagine providing your current and potential customers with a CD ROM or e-mail catalogue that when opened allows them to immediately be able to order your products and receive relevant information such as new pricing and new products by clicking on the "Update Button" on their catalogue. This will allow orders to be sent directly into your eCommerce Website "Vendor Module Facility" for review and account management, these orders can also be directed to your warehouse location and confirmation of your customer's orders can be confirmed.

E-commerce Portal

Portals are doorways on the Internet. They open to us information from a wide variety of sources and even from other internet users. They also offer a host of services at a single place. Business Ecommerce portals offer people and businesses to sell and purchase a host of products or services through the internet along with offering the various other features of a portal. There are mainly two types of Ecommerce Portals: Business to Business ecommerce portals (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C). Business Ecommerce portals are a smart investment as they offer customers anywhere-anytime access and allows them to purchase products / services with ease.
Web Portal development and portal conservation are our basic and one of the core service areas where we have earned years of experience which helps us serve our customers greatly. We create and deliver legion types of portals from small but strong online stores or online shopping cart or auction websites to large and professional ecommerce portals. Our e-commerce portal development service is strong enough to fulfill your needs delightfully. Qtriangle’s experience and professionalism is only for you to create an effective, user friendly, creative and efficient e-commerce portals.